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FPHC & FPtHA Rock!!
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Hi FPtHA & FPHCers!
You rock we raised $650 for Horses Helping Heroes! Thanks to everyone who bought a raffle ticket and special thanks to everyone who donated a basket!  Don't forget last weekend was the first show in our three show fall buckle series.  You must show at all three shows and be a club member to qualify.  Please see a run down of all the meetings below!  See you in October!
Fall Meetings
  • FjPHC-
    • The youth will be sponsoring the costume class at the October show.  1/2 the entry fee will go to FjPHC and the other 1/2 will be a jackpot!
    • At the November show the youth will be having a Dessert Party on Saturday Night after the show ends.
  • Board of Directors-
    • The board voted to add Novice Western Riding, Disciplined Rail English and Western starting in October. 
    • You also must now pick up any highpoint awards no later than the show after you win or it will go back into the prize pool. 
    • Weanling classes will now be free at all shows September through December. 
    • From October on all owners and exhibitors must be members to win a highpoint prize.
  • General Membership-
    • The membership voted to offer year end awards instead of money effective immediately. 
    • Also all officers and board members are running unopposed so we will not have elections for 2016.
Chinese Raffle Benefiting Horses Helping Heroes!
I know our members are the best members but you never cease to amaze me with your generosity! Thank you to everyone who donated a basket last weekend and to all those who bought tickets.  We raised $650 for Horses Helping Heroes!
United Paints of America Highpoint Prizes
(Donated by FPHC)
  • Youth W/T 10 & U- Peyton Pelton
  • Reserve- Hailey Richards
  • Youth 13 & U- Gracie Thompson
  • Youth 14-18- Lindsay Kincheloe
  • Reserve- Hannah Leeds
  • Novice Youth- Sage Sonnier
  • Reserve- Hannah Leeds
  • Amateur W/T- Donna Lozaw
  • Reserve- Marjie Wenger
  • Amateur- Lisa Cherry
  • Reserve- Linda Lewis
  • Novice Amateur- Tamara Templeton
  • Reserve Suann Illgen
  • Open- Sensational Bandita
United Paints of America Highpoint Prizes
(Donated by FPtHA)
  • Youth W/T 11 & U- Hailey Richards
  • Youth 13 & U- Gracie Thompson
  • Youth 14-18- Hannah Leeds
  • Novice Youth- Adrienne DuBravec
  • Amateur W/T- Donna Lozaw
  • Amateur- Lisa Cherry & Cindy Warthen
  • Novice Amateur- Tamara Templeton
  • Open- Sensational Bandita
  • Mini Horse- Jenny La Grange

Fall Buckle Series

Make sure you show at our September, October, and November shows to qualify for a chance at a Highpoint Buckle! You must be a FPHC Member

Make sure you take a look at our tentative 2016 schedule available on the website now.  Please note the date change for the January and February shows!
September T-shirts!
Thanks again to Erika Richardson & Danika Show Horses for sponsoring t-shirts at our show!
If you are interested in becoming a t-shirt sponsor click
here We need sponsors for November, & December!

Click here to see our 2015 Show Dates Calendar

Rebate Hotels for Tampa!

If you need to make a stall reservation for any or our upcoming shows please FILL OUT THE ONLINE STALL RESERVATION on the FPHC website.  Please make sure to make a notation on this form in the comments section of any special requests. Only reservations made via the website or by calling (407) 718-0674 will be accepted.

A Note about Stall reservations:
Please remember requests are on a first come, first served basis with preference to those farms who show all shows. With the number of special requests we get at every show it is only possible to honor so many. If you wish to "stall with" a group, please send your reservations either all together or in the same day to help us better allocate space.

If you need shavings you can call Bob Thomas Equestrian Center (813) 740-3500.  They will need the name your stalls are reserved under so they can be delivered to your stalls.  Tampa also offers RV hookups both 30 and 50 amp.  Please visit the Equestrian Center office to arrange for your RV rental space.  You may also download this form for RV and Shavings!
Please make sure you support the sponsors who support us! To see all of our sponsors please click here!

Please find more sponsorship information for FPHC here.
REMEMBER to be eligible to win year end and individual show high points you must be a member of the respective club.  We have the 2015 membership forms in the show office for the Florida Paint Horse Club and the Florida Pinto Horse Association.
If you haven't taken care of it you can pay for your membership in the office and fill out the paperwork.  Just remember to allow enough time before the show starts to get this taken care of in the office.

Also a CLUB RULE your club membership and national APHA and PtHA memberships can no longer be added to your showbill.  So please plan to bring an extra check or you can just fill in your credit card information on the form to renew your memberships!  Exhibitors must have current copies of their memberships cards or proof of payment if not they will NOT be able to show with out filling out a membership form and including a separate check or giving a credit card for payment.  Furthermore, if the club is fined from APHA or PtHA due to a member not paying fr current membership then the exhibitor will have to pay the fine before they can show with FPHC or FPtHA again.

2015 Officers
President - Maggie Nipper
Vice-President - Randy Roser
Secretary - Brittany O'Bannon
Treasurer - Amanda Palmer

2015 Board of Directors
Lisa Cherry, Tony Moe, Jodie Thomas, Megan Winter, Linda Lewis

Youth Liaison

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If You are not a member... Download the Application, Print, and JOIN!

Click the Button for the 2015 FPHC App! Please print out form, submit the completed form and a seperate check for all memberships.

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Oct 17-18 - 2 day Florida State FPtHA/APHA Approved 2 Day, 2 Judge PtHA/APHA Show details have been posted :

If you need to make a stall reservation for our upcoming shows this fall please FILL OUT THE ONLINE STALL RESERVATION on the FPHC website. Please make sure to make a notation on this form in the comments section of any special requests.

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