fall event.

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FINALLY the Memorial Day Show followup newsletter is here.  With over $20,000 in prizes and awards given away, we had record entries of over 1500+ combined and 220 stalls.  We had great weather, great food and fun.


We are also offering Trophy Bridles to be awarded to highpoint overall winner for Sept, Oct and November shows.  You must show at all three (3) shows and participate in all divisional speed classes to be eligible.  Trophy bridles to be award in Amateur, Youth and Open.

CONGRATULATIONS - To all our FPHC and FPtHA members on some great results at both the Pinto World show and the AjPHA show.  

Catastrophe Fund - We were able to raise a great amount to help benefits this year's recipient of the FPHC Catastrophe fund Bear Smith.  Between contribution, Julie Maenza raffle and open class entries we raised $1190.  We look forward to continuing this tradition each year.

May service event - Thanks to all wonderful club members who brought in donations to benefit the James A. Haley Veterans hospital. Our Vice President Randall Roser collected all the items at the end of the show and delivered them to the hospital.

Photographer - Kim Cook from Ishoothorses.com photography was once again at our show.  She had the photos up on line within days of the show's conclusion.  You can simply go online and order photos if you haven't already.

Vendors - Thanks to the below vendors for attending our show and supporting our club:

The Round Pen - Janet and Bob Falvey
Sport Horse Designs - Teri Vigeant
DAC Vitamins and Minerals - Suzanne Pierce
McLellands Saddlery - Ted McLelland
Rockstar Designs by Deana Show Apparel

BBQ on Sunday - The club received rave reviews on the BBQ catered by Hungry Harrys.  The club is looking at making some revisions to the show schedule for next Memorial Day to make Sunday a shorter day so that everyone can leisurely enjoy the great BBQ.

PRIZES - PRIZES AND MORE PRIZES - We had so many GREAT prizes that were given away.  Most of the prizes were given away as raffle type distribution.  So the more classes you went in, it increased your chances to win.  Both the FPHC and the FPtHA secured sponsorships which provided both clubs with tons and tons of prizes to give away.   These are just some of the prizes we gave away.

    Phil Harris - Western Show Bridle
    Round Pen - work pads and work bridles
    Round Pen - 4 show halters
    Round Pen - 4 work saddles
    Air Source - $100 Schneiders Gift Card
    Tervis tumblers - Circuit Award winners Paint and Pinto
    McLellands - $350 gift certificate for a western show pad
    CM Hadfield's Saddlery - English Show bridle
    Dover Saddlery - Gift Certificates
    Wakukla Suites - Free weekend stay on Cocoa Beach
    Smartpak - 2 $250 gift Certificates 
    11 Acres Ranch - Miniature Horse show halter 
    SC Johnson Minature Horses - $100 Gift Certificate
    Gina Wilson - Free Ad Design  
    TPI Travel - Hilda Simmons
    Russells Western Wear
    Larsen Farms Oxford - Orchard Alfalfa Hay and Grain
    Saddlemate - Saddle cover
    Natural Flash - Individual Photo session
    I Shoot Horses photography - Show Photos
    Robin Hood - Sleazy Hood and Gift certificates
    Triple Crown - 2 $50 gift bags
    Smith Brothers - Gift certificates
    Horseloverz - $25.00 Gift Certificate
    Tony Moe - Gift certificates
    Lindsay Latimer - 1 free braid/band for September 2014 APHA/PtHA Show
    Lindsay Latimer - 1 free braid/band for October 2014 APHA/PtHA Show
    Wahl Clippers - 2 clipper sets
    Wildman Hay Transportation - Multiple bales of hay

Our circuit awards were a great hit. Don't worry
everyone we have some left over that we will
be giving out at future shows.




If you need to make a stall reservation for our upcoming shows this fall please FILL OUT THE ONLINE STALL RESERVATION on the FPHC website.  Please make sure to make a notation on this form in the comments section of any special requests.  Any questions regarding stall reservations will be handled by FPHC Vice President/FPtHA Board Member Randy Roser, and you can email him at - rcroser@aol.com or (813) 215-8091.   For shavings you can call Bob Thomas Equestrian Center (813) 740-3500.  They will need the name your stalls are reserved under so they can be delivered to your stalls.  Tampa also offers RV hookups both 30 and 50 amp.  Please visit the Equestrian Center office to arrange for your RV rental space.


These companies are our great sponsors that have not only supported us at the May show but for the entire 2014 show season.

(you can click on any of the logos to access our sponsors websites)  

still actively looking for sponsors for this show and others.  Please let an officer know if you are interested in supporting/sponsoring the club.

Harris Leather -  GOLD LEVEL SPONSOR

Bob Falvey's Round Pen - GOLD LEVEL SPONSOR


Tampa Sports Authority



Dianna Peffly - Bronze Level Sponsor

   Bronze Level Sponsor

     - Bronze Level Sponsor Equine and special events photographer


Martin's Larsen Farms, Oxford FL

This is the FPHC Official Blacksmith/Farrier.  

He attends all the FPHC shows in Tampa.




 "Specializing in Northern and Western Hay Sales"



Allows rider to comfortably ride in shorts during hot weather with no chafing and provides a barrier between rider and saddle in cold weather.

www.thesaddlemate.com   (727) 692-8735

email: info@thesaddlemate.com


This Photographer will be attendance at our March and May Paint-o-Ramas.
Please make sure to visit her booth and take a look at your photos.
She has some great photo plans and does such a great job.  Make sure to visit 
her website to view several of the photos she took at the October 2013 show.

Kim Cook  (480) 570-5201  



Help support our club and advertise your business.  We would like you to join us and become an official "FPHC" sponsor?  Click HERE for more information on how to reach out to our membership!  


We are all booked up for  2014 t-shirt sponsors.  

We have already booked months into 2015, so if you are interested in booking a month in 2015 please contact Amanda Palmer.

For $250.00 you can become a t-shirt sponsor.

We have the following sponsors lined up:

May 2014  - Mergaert Performance Horses

September 2014 - Canaday Show Horses

October 2014 - Canal Ridge Farms and Tony Moe

November 2014 - Piper Pelton Show Horses

December 2014 - Drew Emnett Pleasure Horses, LLC

If you would like to see your farm logo advertised on our show shirts please contact us!  It a great way to support the club and our members and exhibitors LOVE their tshirts!



DON'T FORGET THAT OUR 2014 FPHC Pattern books remain available for sale  to
benefit your FPHC youth club .... 

We're excited to unveil our new 2014 Pattern books, which are now available.  The books contain all the patterns for January, March, April, May, September, October and November shows.  We are selling the books for $10.00 and all the proceeds from the sales will benefit the Florida Paint Youth Club.  To help promote the sales of the books we will NOW only be posting patterns online the Wednesday before each show and copies of the patterns will NO LONGER be available at the show office.  In accordance with APHA and PtHA rules they will still be posted ringside at least one hour prior to showtime.  If you would like a pattern book mailed to you, please contact Rachael Doern (email: rdoern@centurylink.net or 407-782-9632)

Our youth club will be having a movie night right after the BBQ on Sunday evening stay tuned for more information.  Also check out the Youth Facebook page for more information

Don't forget to like the official Florida Junior Paint Horse club FaceBook Page to keep up with the youth club.  

If you are a youth and still want to be a part of the club, contact one of the officers:
  • Sydney Craig - President  (dweeble415@gmail.com)
  • Katie White - Vice President  (roxyspots@yahoo.com)
  • Sam Sullo - Secretary
  • Nicole Andes - Treasurer


Our FPHC youth liaison is Lisa Andes.  You can contact her via email at lisaandes@tampabay.rr.com with any questions regarding the FPHC Youth club.


Back numbers for 2014 Show Season. The balance of numbers will be available for purchase in the office.  We are selling the numbers for $15.00 which will include the FPtHA sponsored shows as well as the FPHC, this way you will no longer have to buy your number twice.

REMEMBER to be eligible to win year end and individual show high points you must be a member of the club.
If you haven't taken care of it you can pay for your membership in the office and fill out the paperwork.  Just remember to allow enough time before the show starts to get this taken care of in the office.

Also a NEW RULE for 2014 your club membership and national APHA and PtHA memberships can no longer be added to your showbill.  So please plan to bring an extra check or you can just fill in your credit card information on the form to renew your memberships!



Congratulations to the FPHC winners

Novice Youth: Josey Cornett highpoint 
Gracie Thompson reserve highpoint

Youth 13-U: Gracie Thompson Highpoint
Josey Cornett reserve highpoint

Youth 14-18: Logan Taylor highpoint 
Madison Mykolaitis reserve highpoint

Amateur walk trot: Marjie Wenger highpoint 
Traci Payne reserve highpoint

Novice amateur: Brittany List Highpoint
Megan Winter reserve highpoint

Amateur: Lindsey Morris highpoint 
Desarae Gilley reserve highpoint

Open: Lynn Hurst Highpoint 
Sandra Wiggins Reserve highpoint 



Youth 11-U walk trot highpoint - Haley Graham

Novice Youth: Jordan Olson Highpoint 
Hannah Leeds Reserve highpoint

Youth 13-U: Gracie Thompson Highpoint 
Cole Carson reserve highpoint

Youth 14-18: Melissa Melissa Lee Tench highpoint 
Morgan Pomfret Reserve Highpoint

Amateur walk trot: Jan Zearley Highpoint 
Donna Lozaw reserve highpoint

Novice Amateur: Tara Cutlip Highpoint 
Bridget Parente Reserve Highpoint

Amateur: Jean Blanchard Highpoint 
Brittany List Reserve Highpoint

Open: Randy Roser Highpoint
Lisa Graham Reserve Highpoint

Miniature Horses 
Chase Peffly Highpoint                                                              
Jessica Tamboe  Reserve Highpoint

Congratulations to all our winners!

2014 FPHC Board and Officers:

President - Maggie Nipper
Vice-President - Randy Roser
Secretary - Rachael Doern
Treasurer - Amanda Palmer

Board of Directors
Lisa Cherry, Ed Craig, Bobbie Matos, Avery Sinclair, Linda Lewis

Youth Liaison - Lisa Andes

Don't forget to Join

"The Official Florida Paint Horse Club" Facebook Page

Please make sure to like our "NEW" Facebook page to keep up on all our upcoming events. This is the only page monitored by FPHC officers and board members.

Our mailing address is:
5803 E. Quicksilver Court, Floral City, FL 34436


If You are not a member... Download the Application, Print, and JOIN!

Click the Button for the 2014 FPHC App! Please print out form, submit the completed form and a seperate check for all memberships.

Download the Form


April SPRING FLING 2 Judge combined PtHA/APHA show :

We are working on some GREAT highpoint awards from both the FPtHA and the FPHC for the April show. We are working on offering some Phil Harris items from both clubs for the April show.

Get your Stall Now!

May patterns posted!

Patterns will now be posted online the Wednesday evening prior to the show date, and will be posted ringside per APHA rules. We also have pattern books for the year on sale for $10, which you can purchase in the office at the shows or email us for a book. All proceeds from the books will go to benefit our FPHC Junior club.

Click the GREEN BOX or go to the Menu Tab under SHOWS & EVENTS for May Patterns.

Click for Patterns

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